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Meet Me At The Arc

GET IN. Do not ask so many questions. Do not miss out stressing how. All we have is now.

GET IN. I know you’re wondering what for. We are writing a way, right away.

GET IN. Your healing depends on it.

Thank you for meeting me at Haven Arc.

haven: /ˈhāvən/ noun. a place of safety or refuge

You are safe here.

My unsung story is what brings us all here. One day something happened to me that I couldn't tell anyone, so I decided I would create a portal for all stories untold.

Here in this space, find the courage to speak your truth. Here in this space, find the courage to walk into your light.

Haven Arc is a community of heroes here together to bring awareness to mental health and break the stigma. It is ok to talk, in fact it is necessary. Let it out and come to find that you are not alone.

Haven Arc is not only a vault for your stories. Through guided journaling and healthy self-care habits, we are also raising the awareness we have for our individual selves.

Now that you are here, consider yourself a hero. You made the decision to save yourself, and that is not the simplest road. The course is uphill, and sometimes it is steep. At times you may slip, you may even fall, and you may burn, sweat, cry and laugh on the way up, but your optimal self is waiting with their hand out for you to grab it. The best version of you is waiting for you to get better.

When you are in this space, feel free to check out the

journal entries for the week and get into the self-care challenges.

Feel free to introduce yourself and share your story. Your release could be the medicine for another hero.

Most important, ALWAYS feel free to show love to one another, and nothing short of that.

Thank you again for meeting me at the Arc.

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