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Are You Talking to Yourself?

Friend: "Did you say something to me?"

Son: "Mommy are you talking to yourself?"

MJ knows. My son is always catching me talk to myself throughout the day, a murmur or reminder, a question, and an answer. But often I'll talk to myself on paper.

Journaling is my favorite release, it's my coffee in the morning. Literally. One of the first things I do in the morning is "clear the clutter," as I like to call it; a "brain dump," others may say. The point is to get all the chaos, noise, and chatter that is inside your head, OUT.

There are many life changing benefits that occur just from putting pen to paper. Already when you are writing you are activating cells in your brain, that allow to process information on a deeper level and at the forefront. (One reason why the act of physically writing down your goals is so important.)

Here are 8 benefits to journaling.


Journaling has been proven to contribute to the healing of the body and of illness.


Journaling forces us to address our thought patterns. What is taking up my headspace? Are there any reoccurring themes? Am I complaining about the same problems?


Find yourself having a lot on your mind? Find your brain jumping from subject to subject? Get that out of your head and onto paper. Release that stuff.


Your journal is a judge free, unbiased friend. Let it all go. Let all of your feelings out in your journal. Holding onto to pent up feelings only creates more pain in some shape or form. Also learn from your experiences and see the lessons clearer. Learn from that time, the day, or whatever happened 5 minutes ago.


The act of releasing these pent-up feelings and emotions helps to significantly reduce stress and bring you clarity.


Writing helps you recall moments in time and phases of life that you may have repressed.


Back to self-awareness, journaling brings our habits to the forefront. Are we performing healthy habits or detrimental ones? Journaling also you get clear on your goals and the plans you have for the.


Journaling is for you and there is no wrong way to write or express yourself. Expand your creativity through writing. Track ideas, quotes, inspiration, or even sketch and draw. Yes, you can draw in you journal as well. I encourage it!

These are only 8 of many benefits to journaling. Take $1, get a notebook, and write a way right away. How you journal and what you write all depends on what you need in that moment.

Once you start, you'll understand why I talk to myself so often.

Always check back for the guided journal prompts on

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